Wine Care

Picking the Best Wine Cooling System

Wine cooling systems come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so no matter what plans you have for the bar in your home or restaurant, you can find the right beer and wine refrigeration systems. Certain things you should take into consideration before purchasing include the amount of space you will need as well as the type of drinks that you like to keep in stock. For example, some models are designed to hold a specific type of beverage, while others can hold a wide variety. The following will explain everything you need to know about these helpful devices.

Looking At Wine Cooling Systems

It is important to decide where you would like to have your wine cooling systems installed.

  • While it is traditional to have a separate cellar for your wines, you have many other options that you may prefer.
  • The two most commonly chosen options include under the bar and directly into the counter.
  • Wherever you eventually choose to store them, just make sure that you install them with the compressor vents facing the front.
  • If not you could end up burning out your compressor motor and if that happens then you will have to have the entire thing replaced.

How Much Space Do You Need In Your Wine Cooling System?

When it comes to choosing a type of wine cooling systems it is important to keep in mind just how many bottles you plan on storing within it at a time. Typically, you can expect the smaller ones to hold about 16 or so bottles at once and the larger ones can hold 100 bottles or more. One of the good things about these units is that even the larger models will be able to fit under your bar or within the counter.

Refrigerating Beer

Beer and wine refrigeration systems are the perfect choices for you if you also plan on storing draft beer as well. In order to keep the draft beer from becoming too foamy, it must be kept cool at all times. For this reason, a single keg refrigerator is a cost-effective device that you may want to invest in.

  • These are specially designed to fit in a bar cabinet, as long as you make provision for the cooling fans.
  • They are easy to install and in many cases, they can simply be used as standalone units.
  • While there are certainly more expensive models available, these can often be picked up for as little as a couple hundred dollars.

Some wine and beer aficionados have gone as far as adding extras to their fridges which set the mood by playing music and projecting images on the walls.  If you are on a budget, one thing you may want to try is to use old refrigerators and turn them into makeshift wine cooling systems.  If you like, simply place it in an out of view location since its appearance would not fit in well with a private or professional bar. However, if you like, you can paint it and change its appearance so that it fits in with its surroundings better. Just make sure that you also install a drip tray to catch any excess foam.